Has a warning light appeared on your dashboard? Don’t panic, Sterling Services have state of the art diagnostic tools which can help us find the root of the problem.

The car will be hooked up to the diagnostic tool where we can then narrow down to the issue the car is having. Once we find out the root of the problem, we can offer a repair service to get the car fixed and running once again.

We are here to help you keep your car maintained to the maximum standard and to also keep the cost you at a minimum.

We pride our services on the fact that the level of care we provide will bring customers back from time and time again.


  • 9 Years BMW main dealer experience
  • 12 months parts/labour warranty standard.
  • Costs a fraction of the main dealer price.
  • Will not invalidate your warranty.
  • Professional, competent & friendly service.
  • State of the art workshop at Preston Farm.


Here at Sterling Services, we pride ourselves on providing quality car servicing at a fraction of the main dealer price and it will not void your warranty.


Sterling Services are fully qualified mechanics and can repair your car back to high standards. We are much cheaper but equally competent as main dealers.


Your engine management light coming on can cause a panic, that's why at Sterling Services we have state of the art diagnostic tools to find the root of the problem.